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Google Translate is a translation program with many different ways to insert text. This programs understand numerous languages and has a constantly updated database for slang and sayings that don't often translate well. It even offers speech translation if you are speaking with someone or watching a movie.

Main Features

Google Translate is a program that can translate various languages. Most translators work by having you copy and paste the text into the program. While you can do that with Google Translate, it also offers you many other options. One of the easiest is simply highlight text on a document or website and having it directly translated. You can also choose to have the whole page translated.

If you found a sign or picture and want it translated, then take a picture with your camera. Google Translate can translate directly through your camera. It even offers speech-to-text options for verbal translations. Not only that, but the program can also say both the original and translated text if you need help with pronunciation.

You can select the proper language to be translated, or allow the program to figure it out automatically. This program is very accurate at picking the right language.

Slang Translations

Google Translate tends to be very accurate when the inserted text uses proper grammar and conventional wording, but it might have trouble with slang and common sayings. This is common for all translators, but Google Translate has a few features to help with this. This program is being constantly updated so that it better understands true speech and writing. While it may not know the slang yet, it might understand it very soon.

Users can also make changes to the translation to improve overall accuracy. If you know the meaning of a saying, then you can directly change this in the program. This ensures that Google Translate is more accurate when it sees the saying again, and it might update this for other users as well.

Romanized Language Difficulties

There are many languages that don't naturally use romanized letters like Greek, Japanese, Chinese and many others. At the same time, there is a romanized version available that makes it easier for some people to read and understand the language.

Google Translate tends to be very accurate when you allow it to automatically choose the proper language. At the same time, it tends to struggle the most when inserting romanized languages. It might think you're trying to translate one language when it's really something completely different. If you are using a language like this, then you may want to manually choose the language rather than allow Google Translate to automatically pick one.


  • Offers numerous translation options.
  • Can automatically choose the right language for translation.
  • Allows you to update the programs for slang and unusual phrases.


  • Tends to struggle with romanized languages.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Browser Application
  2. Direct Text Translation
  3. Free Offering

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Pay-Per-Use
  2. Document Translation
  3. Batch Translation
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